References & LINKS

This parish website has been compiled from information taken from the following publications with permissions granted by the respective authors and authorities. All new photographs were taken by the curator/editor of the website. Historical photos are used by permission of the Kilburn Parish Council.

Ref 1. Kilburn Township Millennium Archive

Available on Request; stored in the North Yorkshire Archive Office in Northallerton

Ref 2. Kilburn Yorkshire Book

Available from the Church and Mouseman Cafe - £1

Ref 3. MOUSEMAN - The Legacy of Robert Thompson of Kilburn

Available from the Mouseman Showroom and Visitor Centre - £20

Ref. 4 The Mouseman Visitor Centre

Available from the Mouseman Visitor Centre - free

Ref. 5 "The History of Oldstead” by Fred Banks

Ref. 6 "Kilburn's White Horse" by Fred Banks

Ref 7. Parish Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Pamphlet available from the Church - 10p

The following links provide additional information about Kilburn & Thirsk