Restoration Project


North Moors National Parks Authority (NMNPA) has approved our plans for the restoration and extension of the Institute with one major amendment to our original application. Whereas the original application had an extension to the front porch to accommodate a disabled w.c., NMNPA insisted that the porch remained unchanged necessitating the relocation of this w.c. to the rear extension as shown below.

The Institute Management Committee has recently selected a quantity surveyor to cost the proposed scheme and this will then be reviewed, identifying where possible any cost savings. With a firm cost estimate we can then start to seek funds.

If you have any experience in fund raising, or if you know of anybody who has, they could make an invaluable contribution to our fund raising efforts. Please contact Jacky on 01347 868 447.

Plans Approved By The North York Moors National Park Authority

Amended Plans Only.pdf

Original Planning Application

Description of the Proposed Changes and Reasons for the Extension and Restoration

Proposed Development Summary.pdf

Plans of the Exiting Institute

Existing Site and Ground Floor Plans Sections and Elevations.pdf