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Clerk & Responsible Financial Officer:

THE Next Meeting Will ON JUNE 15th at 7:30 pm

Please note that this will be a digital/video meeting using Google Meet. Using Google Meet will ensure the continuation of Parish Council business during these difficult times. If you are a member of the public and you wish to participate in the meeting the please email:

This meeting will be conducted according to the recently published NALC (National Association of Local Councils) Guidelines on holding "remote meetings".

The public can join this video/digital meeting by clicking “Join Google Meet” below using a computer, tablet or phone.

Join Google Meet

Once you click the link, please wait for the organiser to let you into the meeting. Please ensure that the camera on your computer, tablet or smart phone is switched on so that we can see you on the video. You will have the option of using your computer audio (speakers and microphone) to listen to the meeting, or you can dial-in using a mobile or landline phone to join the audio - see below.


  • If you are planning on joining via computer, smart phone or tablet, please download the Google Meet App prior to joining.
  • If you are joining via a PC and you are not already a Google user you may be asked to download an app to join via the web.

If you don’t have fast internet and/or access to a computer, tablet or smart phone, you can still join the meeting using a mobile or landline phone and at least hear what is going on. To do this, please dial the number below and, when requested, give the PIN number below followed by a # sign:

Phone Number:

+44 20 3956 1744‬

PIN: ‪928 904 800‬#

Please plan on joining the meeting at least 10 minutes before the scheduled start time so that we can ensure everyone is properly connected before the start.

If you have any difficulties connecting, please call 0777 84 84 846 and Graham will try to resolve your problem.

Meeting Etiquette Guidelines:

For many this will be the first time using Google Meet. In order to make this run as smoothly as possible please try to adhere to the following digital/video meeting etiquette guidelines:

  • Please send any questions ahead of the meeting to the Parish Clerk at
  • If you are planning on joining via video you need a good broadband connection (BT Infinity or equivalent) - otherwise it is recommended that you join via dial-in
  • Once you have joined the meeting please keep your mic/phone muted - this minimises any background noise
  • Please indicate that you wish to speak with a hand signal, or sending a message via the “chat” line - this is the text message box on the screen. Once you are invited to speak please then un-mute your mic or phone. There is a mic button on the screen to do this.
  • If you have dialled-in, please wait for a break in the discussion to raise any questions i.e., please don’t talk over others speaking

Additional Notes and Help Features:

  • This meeting will not be recorded
  • If you have difficulty hearing the discussion please click on the CC (close caption) feature on the screen - this will give you a "ticker" tape of the discussion that you can then read.
  • If you want to see all the meeting participants on one screen and you are planning on using a Laptop or PC with Chrome as your browser please click on the link below and accept this Google Chrome add-in - it is free!

PLANNED Meetings

Normally, the Council meets in Kilburn Institute, every month, on the third Monday


Councillors & Clerk

Cllr Sara Cussons


West View

High Kilburn

York YO61 4AJ

01347 86 8486

Cllr Jane de Cogan

Vice Chair

Oak Cottage


York YO61 4AH

01347 868 433

Cllr John Harron

Trencar Garth


York YO61 4AG

01347 868 359

Cllr Graham Matthews



York YO61 4AG

01347 869 083

Cllr Stephanie Mason



Thirsk, YO7 2AP

01845 597 035

Ms Sandra Langthorne

Clerk & Responsible Financial Officer

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